Nomi individuali a Manduria nel corso dell'Ottocento


This paper deals with personal names of people born in Manduria (Taranto, Southern Italy) during the XIX c. It aims at highlighting the consistency of the considered database by comparing familiar preferences from the beginning to the end of the century. Emerging differences in the names' choice are also analyzed on historical and geographical bases and are discussed in connection with similar data collected in other regions. Italian State Archives preserve very interesting collections of names useful for the research in anthroponymy. They collect records about birth, wedding and death of each individual since the introduction of the Civil status (Napoleon 1806), through the Restauration period (1816), until the creation of the Italian Civil status (Jan. 1st 1866). Data is extracted from registers of birth available at the Archivio di Stato di Taranto and is related to the years 1809 and 1899. The main differences are related to changes in the frequency and the position of the traditional types and may account for the interplay between intra-familiar conservation and the diffusion of prominent religious and historical figures.
Il contributo prende in esame i nomi personali dei nati a Manduria nel corso dell'Ottocento, al fine di metterne in evidenza la consistenza e di porre a confronto le scelte in diacronia (inizio e fine secolo) e sul piano della distribuzione territoriale, tramite il raffronto con altri repertori coevi. I dati sono ricavati dagli atti di nascita del 1809 e del 1899, conservati presso l'Archivio di Stato di Taranto.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i20380313v25p147

Keywords: Personal names; Southern Italy; XIX century; registers of birth; archives; Nomi personali; Italia meridionale; XIX secolo; registri di nascita; archivi

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