Analisi normativa in tema di contrasto agli hate speech su Internet e i social media = Regulatory analysis in the field of contrast to hate speech on the Internet and social media.


The rise of the Internet and the development of new media fostered the spread of Hate Speech. The present study moves in two directions: the first provides a comprehensive overview of regulations at international, European and national level; the second, on the other hand, defines guidelines, policies and sanctions introduced by digital platforms. The analysis of the regulatory framework concerns the differences between the legal systems, the approaches used to protect freedom of expression and their influence on the activities of online platforms. Moreover, four operators of online services were examined: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The analysis starts with the explanation of these platforms' general guidelines and then develops into their practical application, impact and results.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n23p23

Keywords: hate speech; social media; digital platforms; regulatory frameworks; freedom of expression

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