Per una mediologia delle religioni: riflessioni su una storia del cristianesimo in rapporto al sistema dei media = Mediology of religions: reflections on a history of Christianity in relation to the media system


The attempt of this article is to think about building a history of Christianity seen through the media system. After a quick survey of the main current research sectors connected to the question of the relationship between religions and the media (especially social media), this paper attempts to identify some theoretical assumptions and a series of methodological supports useful for the realization of the history project medial of Christianity. From the theoretical point of view, the need to intertwine the mediological perspective with the theological and historical one seems certain. From a more specifically methodological viewpoint, within a mediological framework referable to the Toronto school founded by Marshall McLuhan and to that of Régis Debray, a multidisciplinary framework is considered essential in order to reflect the number of solicitations from a series of disciplines, which are illustrated in this article by providing some examples of use.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n21p213

Keywords: Christianity; media; religion; communication

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