"Punk is a Symptom". Contesti, Attori, Subculture nella Slovenia Pre-Indipendente = "Punk is a Symptom". Contexts, Players, Youth Subcultures towards the Independence of Slovenia


In the Eighties Slavoj Žižek uses the psychoanalytic metaphor of the "symptom" to discuss the actions of Slovene youth subcultures in relationship to the Jugoslav socio-political system. The analysis of each communicative language used by Slovene artistic and music movements, in this case, takes into consideration a meaningful and specific fellowship, that is the one between the Ljubljana School of Psychoanalysis and youth subcultures. The aim of the present article is to report on an important period of the Slovene cultural history, through a recount of the variety of players that are involved in it, and the defense of the Slovene peculiarity. From this perspective, cultural productions are parts of a discourse that concerns, most of all, the collective subjectivation processes. This study was partially presented in the course of the Seminar Day dedicated to the re-edition of the book La Rivolta dello Stile (University of Salento, December 6th, 2021) edited by Prof. Stefano Cristante.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n21p39

Keywords: Youth Subcultures; Punk; Retro-avantgardes; Jugoslavia; Slovenia; Psychoanalytic School of Lubljana; Subjectivation; Nazi-punk affair; Censorship

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