Il linguaggio del giornalismo politico: un po’ short, un po’ smart = The language of the political journalism: some short, some smart


The language of the political journalism: some short, some smart. This paper aims to highlight the changes that Web, adding itself to the traditional media, has produced in the language of the Italian journalism. Above all, it’s a matter of changes in the content structure, more and more characterized by a decrease of filters and checks, and by an increase of immediacy produced by personal share and mutual journalistic model. In order to identify and analyze these changes, we have examined the headlines of the articles concerning the Pdl split – happened between September and October 2013 – which hit the headlines of ten important Italian newspapers. As a result we can observe the use of a conversational journalistic language, characterized by expressive flair and immediacy

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n2p141

Keywords: journalistic language; Web; immediacy; personal share

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