La retorica della crisi economica = The rhetoric of the economic crisis


The rhetoric of the economic crisis. The paper explores how economists belonging to both the mainstream and heterodox theoretical approach conceive their discipline and consequently transmit their ideas. Starting from the debate on the recent economic crisis and austerity framework, this work shows how mainstream economic rhetoric is becoming a crucial force in setting the political debate and moulding public opinion, chaining up governments’ choices. The self representation of economics as the exact science is likely to appear instrumental for a certain type of power system, magnifying the market and demonizing public intervention. The mystification of reality by politicians trying to defend their actions might be somehow understandable, but what should be less understandable is the silence of significant political forces against the disasters of austerity. At the same time, the fact that the economy is being used as a powerful ideological club should make us reflect on the supposed scientific nature of the discipline, the political role of intellectuals, and the resulting difficulty of dissemination in the same academic field or through heterodox theoretical perspectives

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n2p7

Keywords: rhetoric; economic crisis; austerity; mystification; theoretical perspectives; mainstream

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