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Human communication has always been considered an almost obvious activity, as a natural phenomenon, to pass over without any particular attention.
A systematic study on communication has started only in the last century, in coincidence with the advent of media and technologies able to speak to the multitudes. Even more recently, communication became a field of academic study. In Italy it occurred later than elsewhere. We believe that communication is a field to explore with all the tools and from all the points of view. We want to provide our scientific communities with careful and critical considerations, because now more than ever the idea that "it is impossible not to communicate" has established itself. Limitless are the ways to influence the facts of the world through communication, and these biases are quickly growing everywhere.
We seek an increasingly more international scientific debate: this is not because this indication comes from a bureaucratic power, but for the great facts of the world are deeply influenced by a global bind.
We want to give a contribution presenting our issues as a lexicon of objects to investigate, starting from the roots of our name, which recalls the Olympic gods' messenger. Our H-ermes got one dash after the H: this means an emphasis on a letter whose function is to connect Communication to Humanities, a strategic meeting point among those disciplines commenting the social individual. It is a dash that carries also the "hermai", the god of communication's first icons, the piles of little stones left on the edge of new paths. Today available to all new media-wanderers.



H-ermes n. 21 (2022) – "Youth Subculture". Call for papers (deadline abstracts 1st March 2022)


Il prossimo numero di «H-ermes, Journal of Communication» sarà dedicato alle parole-chiave "Youth Subculture".

The next issue of «H-ermes, Journal of Communication» will be dedicated to the key words "Youth Subculture".

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N. 20 (2021) - Communication History

H-ermes - Covere-ISSN: 2284-0753

Frontespizio Details     PDF

Indice Details     PDF

Communication History Details     PDF

Editoriale - Visione e funzionamento di questo numero di H-ermes sulla storia della comunicazione = Editorial - Vision and functioning of this issue of H-ermes on the history of communication Details     PDF
Stefano Cristante 7-10

La pagina bianca e il mare. Il conflitto tra oralità e scrittura ne La guerra del Peloponneso di Tucidide = The blank page and the sea. The conflict between orality and writing in Thucydides's History of the Peloponnesian War Details     PDF
Emiliano Ilardi 11-30

Media e religioni. Le origini del cristianesimo = Media and religions. The origins of Christianity Details     PDF
Fabio Tarzia 31-54

Tra Roma e Bisanzio: il nuovo statuto dell’immagine = Between Rome and Byzantium: the new status of the image Details     PDF
Emiliano Laurenzi 55-74

Origini altisonanti, genealogie enfatiche e un passato da dimenticare. Ipotesi sulle possibili strategie comunicative della perduta Storia Gotica di Cassiodoro = Highsounding origins, emphatic genealogies and a past to forget. Hypotheses on the possible communicative strategies of the lost Gothic History of Cassiodorus Details     PDF
Francesco Filotico, Francesco Somaini 75-106

Mediologie decameroniane. Boccaccio e le origini dello spazio letterario moderno = Mediology of Decameron: Boccaccio and the origins of the modern literary space Details     PDF
Donatella Capaldi 107-132

La Galassia Manuzio e la nascita del Rinascimento tipografico = The Manuzio Galaxy and the birth of the typographical Renaissance Details     PDF
Paolo Granata 133-138

Sulla genesi del medium romanzo = On the genesis of the novel as a medium Details     PDF
Giovanni Ragone 139-170

Harold Innis e l'assalto alla modernità: l'industria dei quotidiani, la comunicazione, e il declino della vita pubblica = Harold Innis and the assault on modernity: the newspaper industry, communication, and the decline of public life Details     PDF
William J. Buxton 171-194

Marshall McLuhan's Theory of Communication: The Yegg Details     PDF
Eric McLuhan 195-216

Percorsi di Ricerca Details     PDF

Social change and media representations of rape: how TV series reshape the global imaginary on violence against women (and why) Details     PDF
Maria Giovanna Musso 219-246

La crisi del modello della produzione culturale: la vetrinizzazione esasperata = The crisis of the cultural production model: the exasperated vitrinization Details     PDF
Francesco Pira 247-268

Attivismo tra reti digitali e incontri di sguardi. Il caso del Movimento No Tap = Activism between digital networks and looks that meet. The case of the No Tap Movement Details     PDF
Ilenia Colonna 269-294

Jean Baudrillard and the loss of the referent. Imaginaries of "vacuum packed" sports Details     PDF
Andrea Lombardinilo 295-319

Colophon Details     PDF

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