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Human communication has always been considered an almost obvious activity, as a natural phenomenon, to pass over without any particular attention.
A systematic study on communication has started only in the last century, in coincidence with the advent of media and technologies able to speak to the multitudes. Even more recently, communication became a field of academic study. In Italy it occurred later than elsewhere. We believe that communication is a field to explore with all the tools and from all the points of view. We want to provide our scientific communities with careful and critical considerations, because now more than ever the idea that "it is impossible not to communicate" has established itself. Limitless are the ways to influence the facts of the world through communication, and these biases are quickly growing everywhere.
We seek an increasingly more international scientific debate: this is not because this indication comes from a bureaucratic power, but for the great facts of the world are deeply influenced by a global bind.
We want to give a contribution presenting our issues as a lexicon of objects to investigate, starting from the roots of our name, which recalls the Olympic gods' messenger. Our H-ermes got one dash after the H: this means an emphasis on a letter whose function is to connect Communication to Humanities, a strategic meeting point among those disciplines commenting the social individual. It is a dash that carries also the "hermai", the god of communication's first icons, the piles of little stones left on the edge of new paths. Today available to all new media-wanderers.





“In ogni grande epoca di civiltà, provvista di caratteri nettamente scolpiti, si può avvertire un concetto centrale da cui scaturiscono i moti spirituali e in cui insieme essi sembrano confluire; e ciò, sia che l’epoca medesima possegga una coscienza astratta di tale concetto, sia che questo formi soltanto l’ideale punto d’irradiazione di quei movimenti, l’indole dei quali e il significato che essi hanno per l’epoca, solo chi osserva posteriormente riesce a conoscere. Ognuno di questi concetti centrali va incontro naturalmente a deviazioni, travisamenti, opposizioni, ma con tutto ciò esso rimane il re nascosto di quell’era di spirito.”

"In every great, distinguished cultural epoch, one can find a central notion which not only emanates spiritual movements but attracts them, too; may this era has a general conscience of that notion or future observers use to recognise it as the ideal focus for these movements in all their meanings. Naturally, each such central notion is subject to countless alternations, disguises, and oppositions; but with all that, it always stays the «hidden king» of its epoch."

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N. 10 (2017) - Il Re Nascosto

H-ermes - Covere-ISSN: 2284-0753

Il presente numero è il frutto della collaborazione tra le riviste scientifiche

Frontespizio Details     PDF

Indice Details     PDF

ll Re Nascosto Details     PDF

Premessa = Introduction Details     PDF

Editoriale = Editorial Details     PDF
Fabio D'Andrea, Giovanni Boccia Artieri, Stefano Cristante, Pier Luca Marzo, Milena Meo 9-12

Simmel as a "Hidden King"? On his relations to Egon Friedell and Max Raphael Details     PDF
Ingo Meyer 13-22

Immagini di pensiero: la foglia, il denaro e i passages. Per una ricerca del principio formativo dell’immaginario = Images of Thought: the Leaf, the Life and the Arcades. For a Research of the Generative Principle of Imaginary Details     PDF
Antonio Tramontana 23-44

L’immaginario pop: archetipologia delle forme del Re nascosto contemporaneo = The imaginary pop: archetypology of the forms of contemporary hidden King Details     PDF
Fabio La Rocca 45-62

Il Re si nasconde tra le pagine di Calvino e dentro i disegni di Escher = The King hides in the pages of Calvin and in the Escher's drawings Details     PDF
Laura Appignanesi 63-92

Elvis, il re nascosto del rock. Messianesimo, illusione rivoluzionaria e nuovi feticismi pop = Elvis, the hidden king of rock and roll. Messianism, revolutionary delusion and birth of new pop fetishisms Details     PDF
Massimiliano Raffa 93-108

La Santa Muerte: symbole et dévotion envers “la reine des épouvantables” = Santa muerte: symbol and devotion to ""the queen of the dreadful Details     PDF
Cesar Rebolledo Gonzàlez 109-124

Speciale Culture Ultime Details     PDF

Culture Ultime. Per uno studio delle forme contemporanee dell’estremo (2) = Last cultures. Extreme contemporary forms (2) Details     PDF
Matteo Greco 127-128

Traversate, crisi, uomini-ponte: percorsi sulla precipitazione performativa del linguaggio di fronte alla dismisura dell’abitare = Crossings, crises, men-bridges: paths on the performative precipitation of language in the face of the disproportion of living Details     PDF
Pierluigi Basso Fossali 129-164

Culture ultime dentro culture ultime. Note dalla Calabria dei paesi = Outermost cultures inside outermost cultures. Notes from Calabrian villages Details     PDF
Alberto Gangemi 165-182

Divenire penultimo. Per una biopolitica semiotica delle culture ultime = Become a penultimate. For a semiotic biopolitics of the last cultures Details     PDF
Claudio Paolucci 183-198

Colophon Details     PDF

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