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Human communication has always been considered an almost obvious activity, as a natural phenomenon, to pass over without any particular attention.
A systematic study on communication has started only in the last century, in coincidence with the advent of media and technologies able to speak to the multitudes. Even more recently, communication became a field of academic study. In Italy it occurred later than elsewhere. We believe that communication is a field to explore with all the tools and from all the points of view. We want to provide our scientific communities with careful and critical considerations, because now more than ever the idea that "it is impossible not to communicate" has established itself. Limitless are the ways to influence the facts of the world through communication, and these biases are quickly growing everywhere.
We seek an increasingly more international scientific debate: this is not because this indication comes from a bureaucratic power, but for the great facts of the world are deeply influenced by a global bind.
We want to give a contribution presenting our issues as a lexicon of objects to investigate, starting from the roots of our name, which recalls the Olympic gods' messenger. Our H-ermes got one dash after the H: this means an emphasis on a letter whose function is to connect Communication to Humanities, a strategic meeting point among those disciplines commenting the social individual. It is a dash that carries also the "hermai", the god of communication's first icons, the piles of little stones left on the edge of new paths. Today available to all new media-wanderers.



H-ermes n. 13 (2018) - Periferie Call for papers (deadline abstracts September 1st 2018)


Il prossimo numero di «H-ermes. Journal of Communication» sarà dedicato al tema periferie.

The next issue of «H-ermes. Journal of Communication» (no 12, 2018) will be entirely
dedicated to the topic of periphery.

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N. 12 (2018) - Paure

H-ermes - Covere-ISSN: 2284-0753

Frontespizio Details     PDF

Indice Details     PDF

Paure Details     PDF

Inquietudini dell'immaginario. Forme della paura nel transumano = The Anxieties of Imagination. Forms of Fear in Transhumanism Details     PDF
Antonio Allegra 7-16

L'urlo dei media. La paura, il terrore e la nascita dei mezzi di comunicazione nel Novecento = Media' scream. Fear and terror of the birth of media in the Twentieth Century Details     PDF
Paolo Bory 17-34

Metropolis, apparato del Novecento. La distopia come oggettivazione delle paure urbane = Metropolis, 20th century apparatus. Dystopia as objectification of urban fear Details     PDF
Fabio Ciracì 35-62

I giorni del futuro sono trascorsi. L'invenzione di Morel di Emidio Greco = Days of future passed. Emidio Greco's L'invenzione di Morel Details     PDF
Luca Bandirali 63-80

La solitudine del corpo. Il terrore dell'incomunicabilità nell'immaginario audiovisivo di genere = The solitude of the body. The terror of incommunicability in the audiovisual genre imaginary Details     PDF
Francesca Fichera 81-94

Paura in viaggio - Il disastro ferroviario come topos della narrativa moderna = Travelling fear: the railway disaster as a topos of modern fiction Details     PDF
Lorenzo Fattori 95-106

Paura della fine. Cospirazioni e complotti nell'immaginario della società contemporanea = Fear of the end. Conspiracies and plots in the imagery of contemporary society Details     PDF
Antonio Camorrino 107-126

Da solo, al buio. Pratiche narrative ed esperienze videoludiche della paura = Alone, in the dark. Narrative practices and videogame experiences of fear Details     PDF
Emiliano Chirchiano 127-138

Percorsi di Ricerca Details     PDF

Online Media Coverage of BitCoin Crypto-currency in Nigeria: A study of Selected Online Version of Leading Mainstream Newspapers in Nigeria Details     PDF
Sheila Ogochukwu Nnabuife, Yosra Jarrar 141-172

Da lontano e da vicino. Lo sguardo complesso dei Quaderni di Igort = From a long distance and a short one. The complex gaze of the Igort's Notebooks Details     PDF
Marcello Serra, Rayco González 173-186

Colophon Details     PDF

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