La casa Europa e la Germania. Una riflessione sul ruolo tedesco in Europa alla luce degli ultimi cinque anni di crisi globali


As pointed out by many scholars, Germany is going through a period marked by a deep crisis of the major German parties, characterized by the advance of the Populist Party and the far right Alternative fuer Deutschland (AFD). In 2018 this situation seemed to be a harbinger of change, not only internally, but also in what we can now call Germany's European policy. It is therefore an extremely relevant issue, since the history of Germany is closely linked to that of the European Community, itself in constant transfor-mation, and which in turn, over time and for the Germans, has taken on the function of "cage" (1949-1965), "cradle" (1966-1990) and "frame" (1991-2012). The present work, therefore, in addition to retrac-ing, in detail, the salient moments of the relationship between Europe and the Federal Republic of Germany first and then Germany, wants to be a first reflection on the current relationship between Germany and the European Union in light of the crises that have characterized the last five years of global relations: from the Syrian crisis to the Covid-19 pandemic.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a9n2p7

Keywords: Germany; EU; Germany's European policy

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