Una prova di Public History: "Il pittore paleontologo"


The article reconstructs the genesis of the radio drama The paleontologist painter, who wants to be a work of historical dissemination to bring to the attention of the great public the human experience and the work of a character, Paolo Emilio Stasi, who lived on horseback of XIX and XX century. He was an important landscape painter, who portrayed numerous views of the south-eastern Salento, laying the foundations for a school, which saw the birth of painters such as Giuseppe Casciaro and Vincenzo Ciardo. Towards the last decades of his life, Stasi became interested in paleontology, arriving at the important discovery of Grotta Romanelli, testimony to the presence of man in the Salento area in the Upper Paleolithic. The document offers ideas for methodological reflections on public history.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a8n2p219

Keywords: Landscape painting; Grotta Romanelli; Upper Paleolithic; Salento; Historical disclosure

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