The US-Iran Relations and the Shah’s Nuclear Program (1957-1978)


In 2009 William Burr from the National Security Archive- The George Washington University updated online all the new declassified documents about U.S.-Iran nuclear negotiations. In particular, these documents were related to the negotiations between the parties for a nuclear peaceful agreement. It involved the selling of nuclear facility under the rule of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Even though in the last decades many accusations have been made to the U.S. for its policy against Iran’s proliferation du-plicitous attitude, the last declassified documents prove that the U.S. were suspicious toward Iran even when relations with that Country were at their best. This essay contains a brief history of the Shah’s nuclear program from 1957 to 1974 and a particular analysis of the documents regarding the period from 1974 to 1978

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a6n1p141

Keywords: United States; Iran; Shah; Iranian nuclear program

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