Filadelfia e Parigi. Il 1776 americano e il 1789 francese


It is very common to assume that among the American Revolution and the French Revolution there is a close relationship. Instead, starting with some classics of thought (Burke and von Gentz), the article put in evidence the numerous and profound contrast elements between the two political events of the late of the eighteen century. The underlying thesis is not original, although remains largely in minority and not widespread. But the essay wants to contribute, even compared to the traditional arguments of Burke or of von Gentz, to resubmit with new considerations, the substantial differences between the American struggle for independence of 1776 and the upheavals of the French Revolution of 1789

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a6n1p7

Keywords: United States of America; France; independence; revolution; Burke; von Gentz

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