Gli Stati Uniti di Woodrow Wilson e il genocidio armeno


The Armenian genocide is considered the first genocide of the twentieth century. This essay analyzes the role played by the United States to alleviate or even try to save the Armenians from that ethnic cleansing. The Armenian people was always persecuted by the Ottoman Empire, but during the First World War the regime of the Young Turks decided to exterminate them. Men, women and children were deported in the desert where they died of starvation or killed by the Ottoman special forces. The American diplomatic corps sent letters and telegrams to the United States to denounce that tragedy. Protagonist of this work was the US Ambassador to Turkey Henry Morgenthau. After the war, the problem of Armenia was present at the Congress of Versailles, but the realpolitik prevented a fair compensation for the horrors suffered by that people.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a4n2p251

Keywords: Armenia; Armenian Genocide; Ottoman Empire; Young Turks; Woodrow Wilson; Henry Morgenthau

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