Un episodio poco conosciuto degli anni della seconda guerra mondiale: l’eccidio dei pugliesi di Crimea (1942-1945)


In the mid-nineteenth century, a community of sailors and farmers of Puglia emigrated to the shores of the Black Sea. They settled on the Strait of Kerch, a crucial trading node between the Russian Empire and the Mediterranean. The history of this small community is intertwined with Soviet Communism. Many of the Apulian immigrants were accused of collaboration with Fascism and they were arrested, tortured and deported to the gulag in Siberia. Most of them died because of hunger and hardship cold. The survivors, after twenty-five years since the collapse of Soviet Communism, have not recognized by the competent authorities for what they have suffered. They have experienced a terrible deportation but no one knows

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a3n1p143

Keywords: Deportation; Minorities; Crimea

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