Chile, cuarenta años después. Memoria para el futuro contra memorias obstinadas


Four decades have passed since the Chilean Army was revolted against the government of Allende. Years pass, but individual and group memoirs — understood as discourses about the past — of this period remain belligerently contradictory, as evidenced by the dispute between the figures of Allende and Pinochet. We are concerned about this reality because young people who didn’t live the leaden years are ascribed — uncritically — to the dominant memory in their closest living space. Build a memory for the future, by increasing the dose of historical knowledge of young Chileans, could favor the recognition of internal political differences until making them compatible with a democratic coexistence of quality

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a3n1p9

Keywords: Chile; history; memory; youth; democracy

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