Comparative Price Forecast Model of Conventional and Islamic Bank Stock Prices


Islamic finance and conventional finance are two different processes. After using the data into forecasting model one gets the dynamics of stock price of two financial systems what is present in this paper. The data has been taken from two banks stock price from London stock exchange for a six year period staring from1st of March 2003 to 31 of December 2010. Eviews software was used to analyze the data and found ARIMA(1,1,1) for Islamic Bank of Britain and ARIMA(2,1,2) for Barclays Bank. It presents a comparative status having the fact that Islamic stock is very young in the capital market area in Europe. We hope this analysis should be further reference for direction of future research for Islamic Capital Market in relation with Conventional Capital Market and innovation of competitive capital market instruments.

Keywords: IBB, Barclays, Forecasting, ARIMA model

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