L'elemento creativo nei processi psicotici


The link between creativity and psychic-pathology has been times and times object of analysis during the centuries, and although there’s an undeniable connection we can't speak about a real link. For this reason, the question about the creativity, as a matter of fact, is whether creativity is the psychic process consequence, or something that coexist until giving its contribute to get healthy. In the mind of the creative subject a thought of schizophrenic type would be present, but without dissociation and anguish; we see a free flowing of emotions, an opening thought the ego's borders, however is not enough to justify completely the work of art’s birth. There are some examples and sometimes they come back with their absolutely originality, for Newton being unsociable, Monet’s depression like Baudelaire, Hemingway's and Poe alcoholism, until the most complex mental problems about Van Gogh and Munch, however, anyway conceming what we’re spoken about, we don't want to support the idea that everyone with mind illness is an artist, because if we had this thought, every person with mind illness would have to prove its genius even though it is already suffering. The creativity process, like psychosis and dreams, is a trip inside the deepest piace of ourselves, and it needs to trust in the possibility to live in creative way, without this faith it would remain anchored with an image of a static personality and would be probably false.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i17201632vVIIIn13p161

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