Quando l'istinto di narrare sfida l'incomunicabilità


The present work highlights how the affirmation of the homo narrans paradigm represents a very fruitful perspective from a heuristic point of view, both in the psychological and in the philosophical field. It is able to start to solve one of the "enigmas" on which scholars have been questioning for centuries: Why do men tell stories? According to several researches, man's essentially narrative nature would respond not only to cultural reasons, but also biological and evolutionary ones. The stories, narrated since the dawn of time, have accompanied the emotional and cognitive development of man, on a psychic and social level, giving a crucial contribution to "shape" individual and collective human identity.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i17201632vXXIn37-38p91

Keywords: homo narrans; narrazione; comunicazione; finzione narrativa; Jonathan Gottschall

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