Per una ricostruzione ermeneutica della seduzione numinosatra filosofia e psicoanalisi


The word “seduction” is from Latin “sed/ducere” which means “to draw aside”. Adam and Eva are taken aside by the snake and this is a religious argument in which psychoanalysis is very interested, particularly Freud who wrote about religion defining it an illusion, while Jung said that religion is a man’s unconscious function and atheism is not actually possible. In this work, Freud and Jung are compared to achieve a clear understanding of religion and transfert, because transfert is not only a seduction but also a unconscious work during which patient compares his psychoanalyst whit God. In this work there is a fusion of psychoanalysis and philosophy: Plato, Kant, Feuerbach and Nietzsche build an alternative way of reading religion and man’s soul

DOI Code: 10.1285/i17201632vXVIIn29p59

Keywords: seduction; religious representation; transfert; psychotherapy

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