Analysis of the Radish Seed Germination and Growth by Radiofrequency Stresses


In this work we report a study on the behavior of radish seed (Raphanus sativum L.) germination and growth under radiofrequency stresses. Groups of uniform seeds were irradiated at five duration time values of 60, 210, 375, 470 and 830 h at medium frequency of 1 Mhz, (MF/1), (MF/2), (MF/3), (MF/4) and (MF/5), respectively; at very high frequency of 100 Mhz, (VHF/1), (VHF/2) f(VHF/3), (VHF/4) and (VHF/5), respectively; at ultra high frequency of 900Mhz, (UHF/1), (UHF/2), (UHF/3), (UHF/4) and (UHF/5), respectively. The exhibited magnetic field for the three frequencies was of about 240 nT and the associate electric field inside the samples was less than 71 V/m, owing to the electric permittivity exposed sample. Another group of uniform radish seeds, irradiated by static magnetic (SM) field of 80 mT for the same time duration, was used as comparison, whereas untreated ones were used as control. The results showed that all physical stresses induced by magnetic fields did not have effect on seed germination as well as on cell elongation growth of the radish hypocotyls. On the contrary, a stimulating effect was observed on root growth.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i9788883051555p157

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