Structure of semiconductor detectors for characterization of ionizing radiation sources


Detectors based on Silicon and Silicon Carbide are employed to monitor and characterize different sources of ionizing radiations, such as laser-generated plasmas, UV and radioactive sources. Surface and depth active depletion zones are employed to detect low and high energetic particles and soft and hard X-ray emission, depending on the detection efficiency of each device. The different gap, geometry and leakage currents characterize the response of the detectors. SiC detectors with metalized and interdigited contacts, traditional silicon surface barrier detectors and diamond detectors can be employed in time-of-flight configuration and in spectroscopic mode depending on the fluence value of the ionizing radiation. Particle and photon energy distribution, plasma temperature, radioactive source activities, ion fluxes, dose-rates and other parameters can be monitored on-line, as will be presented and discussed.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i9788883051302p23

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