Realization and characterization of graphitic contacts on diamond by means of laser


This work deals with the realization and characterization of integrated graphitic contacts on diamond by means of laser irradiation (graphitization), in order to obtain good quality ohmic electrodes for nuclear radiation detectors to be used in high energy physics experiments. Unlike the conventional method used for the electrode production, which requires numerous steps and very well controlled environmental conditions, this alternative technique presents many advantages: the contacts are realized in air at room temperature in a single step. In this study, the characteristics of several graphitic structures realized on a diamond surface by changing the radiation-matter interaction parameters have been evaluated in order to define the best experimental conditions to create graphitic electrodes with low resistivity. The obtained results are promising: contacts perfectly adherent, with good charge collection properties, stable and resistant to ionizing radiation.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i9788883051081p63

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