Caratterizzazione spettroscopica comparata di campioni di papiro risalenti al VII-IX secolo d.C. e di strisce ricavate da una pianta moderna di papiro


Noninvasive spectroscopic techniques were used in order to characterize papyrus fragments discovered in Egypt, dated to the VII-IX century AD and now preserved at the National library of Vienna. Both the cellulose support and the materials present on the surface of the specimens were studied and identified without affecting the precious artifacts. Fourier transform infrared was employed to characterize the papyrus specimens. The analytical results obtained from the spectroscopic analysis was extremely useful for delineating compositional characteristics both distinctive linked to degradation processes and the different methods of carrying out artifacts and restoration operations incurred in the course of time.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15912221v25p163

Keywords: Papyrus; FTIR; cellulose degradation process

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