Osservazioni sulla datazione di alcuni frammenti di codici da Antinoupolis


The literary papyri found in Antinoupolis - mostly in codex form and dated to late antiquity - deserve further studies, in order to achieve an insight of the cultural life of the city in a period of drastic changes for all the Greek world. in this perspective, this paper focuses on the material and graphical characteristics of some manuscripts found there by the italian excavations, and now part of the collections of the "Istituto Vitelli" in Florence: PSI XIII 1296, P. Sijp. 5, PSI inv. 479, 2052, and 116. For all of them, a new date is suggested, slightly different from what the first editors suggested.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15912221v24supp167

Keywords: Papyrology; Antinoupolis; Late Antique Egypt

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