A statue of Ka-Em-Waset and his wife (kom aushim n.117)


The aim of this article is to fully publish the statue of ka-em-Waset and his wife renpete-n(t)-opet (kom aushim no. 117). the fashion displayed in this monument reflects elegance and luxury that witness the richness of the owners and their social positions. the occupation of ka-em-Waset ≪Hbs bh.t n nb 6A.wy: Fan-bearer of the lord of two lands≫ shows clearly that he worked in the royal court of the king, probably ramses ii. his wife was musician Shemayet of ≪user-Maat-ra-setp-en-ra Monthu-in-the-two-lands≫. the importance of this small monument which most likely dates back to the reign of ramses ii, lies in the presence of the offering formula ≪anx(.t) nTr jm=sn≫ which was considered peculiar of second intermediate Period inscriptions only

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15912221v23p85

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