Novità su due graffiti greci da Stabiae


A large residential area of Roman settlements is to be found in the archaeological site of ancient Stabiae. These buildings, firstly explored under the reign of the Bourbons and then later, in the second half of the 20th century, are lined up along the edge of Varano hill. During the archaelogical excavations, since 1950, two painted fragments with greek graffiti were brought to light. These were then removed from the wall and exhibited in the local Antiquarium museum collection. The first graffito, here published for the first time, has been removed from a cubiculum of the villa named «Secondo Complesso». The second one (of which we propose an alternative reconstruction) comes from the yard leading into both the thermal area and the kitchens of Villa Arianna. The philological analysis of the two texts may give a meaningful contribution to the archaeological research carried out about the ancient Stabiae site

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15912221v23p53

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