«Tutto il popolo è scontento per le origini e l'accento». L'avversione popolare al distacco del Cicolano dall'Abruzzo nella poesia di memoria orale


Disgregation of Cicolano from Abruzzo and its mandatory inclusion to Lazio - wanted by Mussolini in 1927 - caused anger among people. That is why «Upset population because of different origins and language» can be considered as the epilogue of this poetry of oral memory. This poem summarizes reasons for dissent such as feeling foreigners in the new region («paying tariffs») and not identifying themselves because of historical origins and culture. Overall, these stanzas deal with the regret of detachment from Abruzzo and the widespread desire to go back.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v13i1p199

Keywords: Abruzzo; Cicolano; separation; poetry; oral memory

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