La luna nelle tradizioni di Lama dei Peligni


Lama dei Peligni is a village in Abruzzo (province of Chieti) that has undergone various economic and socio-cultural transformations. In this work, after brief general considerations concerning the geography, general mythology and traditions of the moon, we proceed to the listing of all the traditions, anecdotes, proverbs and beliefs concerning the moon in the context for the purpose to preserve their memory and then to analyze and interpret their functions and symbolic meanings. The set of facts collected document that the moon had a great importance in the traditions of the context of investigation since it touches many spheres of human action. In the current situation it feeds: the beliefs according to which besides the tides it would influence other earthly events; the magical thought that has not completely dissolved; the romance of poets, singers and simple lovers who entrust their dreams and love messages to her; various traditions and beliefs recovered and inserted into the mechanisms that ensure the show and collective escape.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v10i2p113

Keywords: Moon; Lama dei Peligni; Abruzzo; Traditions; Proverbs

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