Poizì Kazarss: traduzione di un sentimento


This work deals with Giovanni Belluscio's translation in his own variety, Italoalbanian, spoken in San Basile - Shin Vasil, of Pasolini's Poesie a Casarsa, written in a Friulian dialect. This translation is neither a philological nor a purely literary one, as he says. More properly, it is both a tribute to a great intellectual figure and a reminder of his dead brother, who died far away from his homeland. A similar experiment concerns, on one hand, the linguistic level and the complexity of the codes involved, their role in the different repertoires, and, on the other, the problem of translatability considered from an ethnolinguistic and cognitive point of view.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v10i1p469

Keywords: Pasolini; poetry; Friulian; Italoalbanian; translatabilty

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