Psicopatologia e diagnosi culturale: integrazioni sull'eredità di Karl Jaspers nelle apocalissi di Ernesto de Martino


The proposed research is oriented to re-propose the theme of the incidence of psychopathology in Ernesto de Martino's thought. In particular, this study focuses on de Martino's reception of Karl Jaspers' thought especially in relation to his reflections on the apocalypses. This teoric survey is based on recent bibliographical contributions specifically referring to the psychopathological issues addressed by de Martino, and on the investigative suggestions expressed by critics in the new Einaudi edition of End of the world. This aim is ultimately oriented towards reflection on a perspective of an "integrated apocalyptic", that is, of the possibility of theoretical conjugation between "psychopathological apocalypses" and "cultural apocalypses" in the problematic context of a "morphology of decadence".

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v9i1p251

Keywords: Psychopathology; Apocalypse; Karl Jaspers; End of the world

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