La cultura come bene comune


What happens if we look at culture as commons? My effort is to "capture" sense of culture as commons in an ever new "practice of everyday life" (De Certeau 2005). The aim of this paper is not to explore the concept of culture and commons, rather to investigate, through three good practices, the consequences that culture, seen as a common good, can bring to places. The three cases presented show what it means to invest in culture as a common asset and resource of difference. To manage culture as a common good, therefore, means investing in the revolutionary force of culture. It is possible to compare, in a certain sense, the revolutionary force of culture to the revolutionary demands of art recalled by Walter Benjamin. Benjamin hypothesizes the possibility of a political use of art.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v8i2p181

Keywords: Culture; communication; commons; cultural heritage; empowerment

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