Inclusione ed esclusione dei gruppi rom. Analisi delle politiche, degli interventi pubblici e dei processi sociali


This paper focuses on three fundamental aspects: the economic and social transformations brought about by the processes of globalization; the effects of these processes on demographic dynamics and migratory flows; the analysis of the Roma question, with particular reference to the processes of social inclusion/exclusion. This threefold analytical dimension seems also necessary in order to investigate a particular aspect: if we isolate the Roma question from a more general analytical context, we risk incurring an interpretative mistake: the isolated phenomenon becomes an object of analysis in itself, its morphology is considered a priority (and, it can be said, an exclusive one) both for its explanation and for the search for possible solutions. The whole macrocosm, within which it is inserted, vanishes into the background, becoming analytically irrelevant and changing the Roma question into an emergency problem.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v8i1p5

Keywords: Globalization; Social Inequalities; Roma; Policies for Roma; Social Inclusion/Exclusion

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