Culture teatrali in Cina. Tradizione e tradimento nella post-modernità


We can see that in the last ten years there has been a radical change in China: the Chinese government since the National People's Congress in 2008 intended to use the traditional work as an antidote to Westernization. A very heated debate has invested contemporary Chinese culture, first of all about the exclusive and central role of Beijing's traditional theatre, over the hundreds of other theatrical forms present in China. Today, Chinese society is experiencing a deep unrest. The dialectic between old and new, between tradition and research creates a short circuit that will lead to unpredictable outcomes. Exemplary laboratory, where theater space represents different and extraordinary forces in the field.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v7i1p251

Keywords: Chinese Theatre; Tradition; Heritage; Modernization; New drama; Performing arts

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