Nomenclature dialettali delle specie dei generi Epinephelus, Mycteroperca, Polyprion nel mare del Salento


This essay aims to reconstruct the nomenclatures in the Salentino dialect of the species of the genera Epinephelus, Mycteroperca, Polyprion classified, in the Italian language, as Cernie. The fundamental purpose of the essay is to give a contribution, firstly, to Dialectology, and secondly, through the study of the relation between dialect and scientific classification, to Folkbiology. Moreover, following the pattern of the the LEK (Local Ecological Knowledge), this essay aims to integrate scientific classification on the basis of a critical reconsideration of dialect classification.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v7i1p117

Keywords: Fish; Groupers; Anthropology; Dialectology; Folkbiology

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