Il Bambino di Lama dei Peligni: mito, feste, canti e leggende


The so-called "Bambino di Lama dei Peligni" consists of a wax statue preserved in a silver urn that in 1760 a Franciscan return from Palestine brought in the municipality of Lama Peligni, a small town in the Province of Chieti (Abruzzo) to near the Majella mountain (southern Italy). Since then the local people developed a deep devotion. In this paper we report all the traditions, legends, festivals concerning him and highlights the changes that over time showed a way to celebrate and bestow worship and devotion.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v6i1p318

Keywords: Lama dei Peligni; Santo Bambino; Chieti; Abruzzo; folklore

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