Il mondo di Bonaria


Bonaria Manca Carmela is a Sardinian artist born in 1925. She moved to Tuscania (Lazio, Italy) sixty years ago. His artistic vocation has blossomed when she was fifty years old, after a life dedicated to sheep farming, and the painting was the means through which she was able to express his talent. She did not receive any training on painting and she is used to say: “If I am able to embroider, I will be able to paint as well". Indeed his first painting "The Resurrection Day" is on silk! His artistic production was not limited to paintings, but soon, it extended to tapestries like the one entitled "Adolescence of Bonaria" in which she describes her housework with her mother and her work on countryside with her father shepherd. The bright colors and the vivid images in this tapestry are really astonishing. Mosaics with archaic deities, that Bonaria claims to have seen in vision, were another form of expression of Bonaria artistic talent.

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