La questione irrisolta della Çamëria nella complessità dei rapporti greco-albanesi


The following paper focuses on the main moments of the history of Çamëria (Chameria), a historical and disputed region between Albania and Greece, from the 18th century through the birth of the Albanian National Movement in the 19th century, the Balkan Wars of 1913-1914, the annexation of most of the region to Greece in 1913, the turbulent period of the 2nd world War, the war crimes on both sides and the ethnic motivated genocide and expulsion of the Cham population from Greece from the Greek nationalists of EDES in its aftermath and its implications in the Greek-Albanian relations up to the present. Along with the historical evolution other related issues are treated as well, such as the religious division of the Cham (and Epirote) population, ethnicity and language in the pre-nationalistic milieu of the 17th-18th century, the various factors and reasons which determined the rise and developing of different political allegiances along religious lines among the Cham population during the 19th and 20th century

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v3i2p115

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