Les îles du Cap Vert vues par un médecin suisse en 1838 – en comparaison avec d’autres récits de voyages du 19ème siècle


The stories of traveling to exotic places are important tools of historical investigation, but it is necessary to analyze them considering some basic elements: the biography of the author, his training, the nature of his descriptions, the use of comparison, the cultural encounter, the effects of the publication in its country of origin. The author examines, in particular, two travel’s stories to Cabo Verde: Samuel Brunner’s Reise nach und zu den Senegambien Inseln des grünen Vorgebürges, published in Berne in 1840, and Über die nach Capverden Rio Grande und dem-Futah Djallon, published from Cornelius Doelter in 1884 in Leipzig.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v1p45

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