Some bounds for the genus of M<sup>n</sup>  I


Starting from a (i,j)-symmetric crystallization (Γ_{M<sup>n</sup>},γ_{M<sup>n</sup>}) of a closed n-manifolds M<sup>n</sup>, we give an algorithm to build a crystallization(Error rendering LaTeX formula) OF M<sup>n</sup> I. This algorithm allows to give a formula for the calculation of the regular genus of(Error rendering LaTeX formula), in the cases n=2,3, and some bounds for the genus of the product-manifolds represented.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15900932v18n2p175

Keywords: Product of manifolds for I; Crystallizations; Regular genus

Classification: 57N12; 57N13; 57Q15; 57M40

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