Rotation hypersurfaces in \mathbb{S}^n\times\mathbb{R} and \mathbb{H}^n\times\mathbb{R}


We introduce the notion of rotation hypersurfaces of \mathbb{S}^n\times\mathbb{R}and \mathbb{H}^n\times\mathbb{R} and we prove a criterium for a hypersurface ofone of these spaces to be a rotation hypersurface. Moreover, weclassify minimal rotation hypersurfaces, flat rotation hypersurfacesand rotation hypersurfaces which are normally flat in the Euclideanresp. Lorentzian space containing \mathbb{S}^n\times\mathbb{R} resp.\mathbb{H}^n\times\mathbb{R}.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15900932v29n1p41


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