On pseudo-Einstein ruled real hypersurfaces in complex space forms


In this paper we define the new notion of pseudo-Einstein ruled real hypersurfaces, which are foliated by the leaves of pseudo-Einstein complex hypersurfaces in complex space forms M_{n}(c), c ≠ 0. Also we want to give a new characterization of this kind of Pseudo-Einstein ruled real hypersurfaces in terms of the Ricci tensor and the certain integrability condition defined on the orthogonal distribution T_{0} in M_{n}(c).

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15900932v19n1p71

Keywords: Einstein; Pseudo-Einstein ruled real hypersurface; Complex space form; Ricci tensor; Totally geodesic; Distribution; Weingarten map

Classification: 53C40; 53C15; 53B25

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