Neuroscience Lab: Section of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychophysiology


Experimental research in this area focuses, in a section of the laboratory of Neurosciences, on new technologies applied to Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychophysiology. The aim of this paper will be highlighting the link be-tween basic research and innovative multidisciplinary experimentation. According with this perspective the pro-jects developed in the Neuroscience Lab will be briefly described: two devices deposited as European patents, a protocol of olfactory stimulation on EEG and neurodegenerative processing, the research on women with IPV (Intimate Partner Violence disorder), projects on neuroaesthetic (applied in museum learning), a study on the marine soundscape and related brain responses, and an experimental work on an haptic and virtual interfaces and on a comparison of motor imagery training with haptic training of augmented reality, as well as training of han-dling real objects with grasping affordances. These topics would set out a new view of research, extending be-yond the technological interfaces in neurocognitive protocols. Will be described the leitmotif of the research ac-tivities carried out over the last five years.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i25327518v1i1p27

Keywords: Cognitive Neuroscience; Psychophysiology; Olfactory Perception; New Technologies

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