Performatività e credenze: l'uso irriflessivo dei discorsi di odio = Performativity and beliefs: the unreflective use of hate speech


Much of the knowledge is provided to us by the social context, from which the typification of behavior and action derives. In fact, knowledge is transmitted through language. It follows that even the verbal statement is connected to the context of its production. Persuasive or offensive language strengthens and multiplies the beliefs and symbolic universe of social actors, these same beliefs reverberate like a non-reflective ritual within the web and social pages. Being the recipient of an offense or being insulted and abused with hateful words performatively establishes that social subordination that names and typifies: we are vulnerable to language since language is the dimension in which human lives are represented, narrated, and lived.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n23p203

Keywords: Hate speech; language; rituals

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