Gli Hate Speech dal punto di vista sociolinguistico e filosofico. Una rassegna. = Hate Speech: An Overview from a Sociolinguistic and Philosophical Perspective


The scientific literature on hate speech is extensive and composite: one can identify contributions that explore specific fields (legal, linguistic, ethnological, sociological, psychological, neurological, political), but also many works that combine different approaches and have the character of interdisciplinarity. By means of a wide-ranging exploration of the main scientific literature on the subject, focusing on the production – in the fields of linguistics, sociolinguistics and philosophy – of the last ten years, it was possible to see how, in all the selected examples – even when analysing "sub-themes" or specific subjects (e.g. hate speech towards homosexuals hate speech linked to genocides or the Holocaust, ethnic discrimination or violence against women) –, the premises and conclusions reached represent a step forward in terms of understanding and, consequently, limiting one of the phenomena that dramatically characterise our contemporary world and whose social effects can no longer be underestimated.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n23p77

Keywords: Hate; Language; Social Identity; Crime; Aggression; Media; Web; Sociolinguistic; Philosophy

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