Introduzione al numero speciale di H-ermes "Oltre l'odio". Oltre l'odio. Contributi ad un'analisi interdisciplinare degli hate speech = Introduction to the special issue of H-ermes "Beyond hatred". Beyond hate. Contributions to an interdisciplinary analysis op hate speech


This special issue of H-ermes presents five essays, four of which made within the research activities of the project "Beyond hatred. Active training workshops to combat hate speech (Hate Speech) on the Net", born in response to the general objectives of Notice n. 2/2017-Action 9.6, PO FSE Puglia 2014-2020, "Innovative Shipyards for countering mafia socially: education to active citizenship and improvement of the urban fabric", in order to promote specific actions to combat the phenomenon of hate speeches on social networks. The basic assumption of the project is the social role of language as an element that structures the system of social relations of the subjects. The project has set itself the general objective of preventing linguistically aggressive and violent acts in the younger generations through training in the use of languages on social networks, promoting attitudes based on the respect and sharing of social rules, the conscious contrast of hate speech, the ability of young people involved as recipients to effectively dialogue on the Net in a logic of peer education. The specific objective of the project was to support students in recognizing the role of linguistic expression in relational contexts and learning how to manage hate speeches to prevent and combat the spread of verbal violence. Through activities that have guided students to the reflective use of language on social networks, the project has succeeded in building and strengthening in the participants the assumption of an active role in the contexts of relationship as a premise for the recognition of the concept of citizenship and adherence to participatory practices.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n23p13

Keywords: Hate speech; peer education; social networks

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