Attivismo tra reti digitali e incontri di sguardi. Il caso del Movimento No Tap = Activism between digital networks and looks that meet. The case of the No Tap Movement


In March 2017, in Salento, the No Tap Movement was born: a protest movement that takes position against the construction of the Tap pipeline. The movement has involved the local population, has discussed with national and international institutional actors and has placed the protection of the environment and the action in defending the right of citizens at the center of its claim. The account of the experience by some activists has highlighted the important role that personal relationships and digital media have played in the history of the Movement. Through the stories of the insiders, this paper intends to achieve three objectives: outline a self-portrait of the No tap Movement that allows us to understand how these people perceive the Movement; bring out the dynamics of collaboration, communication and participation that have characterized the No Tap Movement; define the role that social relations and digital media have played in the organization, communication and action of the Movement.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n20p269

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