La Galassia Manuzio e la nascita del Rinascimento tipografico = The Manuzio Galaxy and the birth of the typographical Renaissance


Since late 15th century, Aldus Manutius plays an essential role in the development of print culture not only in the construction of the typographic consciousness of Modernity, but also in the implementation of a humanistic project that underlies communication history. For Aldus, the book becomes an interface of knowledge. If the invention of printing press had in fact initiated profound changes in the nature of the book, with Aldus, the medium, or rather the form of the printed text, becomes the message, the expression of a new way of looking at and perceiving the world, but also of constructing new worlds, new cognitive and sensory environments of human experience.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n20p133

Keywords: Aldus Manutius; Print Culture; Renaissance; early book history; Aldine editions

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