Confini e nemici. Immaginario e frame delle migrazioni nel discorso pubblico italiano = Borders and Enemies. Imaginary and frame of migrations in Italian public debate


Over the years many researchers have investigated the public debate on migrations, providing a restricted panorama drawn by some consolidated frames, a repertoire of recurring argument, images and iconic representations. This contribution will report on three prevailing public definitions of immigration, adding to these representations a fundamental aspect to understand its strength and effectiveness. In fact, when reconstructing the definitions of the situation, we will combine the metaphorical formulas that are used by speakers with the set of symbolic references that allow us to connect their explanations to narratives, mythologies and images rooted in our culture as well as in the Italian collective imagination. Following the example of Gamson's work, some examples of satirical cartoons and memes are presented together with the definition. The aim is to exemplify some strategies of exploration of the theme and, above all, the strength of the framing leading to a synthetic and visual representation of a wider and more complex narrative that can however, be easily recalled and exposed in a few strokes and images. The analysis of the imaginary is essential to understand how each frame can work, to build representations that are both concrete and rich, plausible and full of references to symbols, myths, "cultural resonances". In so doing, the frame is built as common sense by contributing to the production of an effective and, almost literally, hegemonic communication.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n19p181

Keywords: migrations; imaginary; frames; symbols; communication

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