Emozioni, luoghi e parole. Senso di appartenenza e meccanica emozionale, tra cultura del territorio ed evoluzione del linguaggio = Emotions, places and words. Sense of belonging and emotional mechanics, between local culture and language evolution


This article enquires into the association between emotions, culture and languages by providing an analysis that has two reading keys. The first will refer to the individual-territory relationship, at the time of examining both the creation and development of the emotional-social binding structure by means of socio-historical as well as anthropological orientations. We will explore the building phase of a sense of identity, which brings each subject to the places of origin, emotionally and cognitively. The second reading key will concern the study of new words, which actually exist in other languages to define apparently inexplicable emotional reactions. The entry of these terms into the common language structure would demonstrate both the evolution of communication keys in the current post-global society and the possibility of adopting them to reduce the interpretative complexity and emotional difficulties in the individual/society relationship. In the conclusion, we surmise a relationship between the two objects of analyses, which is meant to improve one's interpretation and understanding of emotional dynamics from a socio-communicative perspective

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n17p271

Keywords: culture; territory; emotions; identity; new words

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