Autoproduzioni in tempi digitali. Il caso Mammaiuto = DIY Comics in Digital Times. A Case Studies: Mammaiuto


Despite the editorial crisis and webcomic surge in popularity, Italian self-published comics are in an incredibly prolific period. Various comic artists are opting for intensive production and incorporating practices such as crowdfunding and online promotion. DIY comics are more likely to have a first digital life, then later "falling for the charm of the paper" (to quote Sara Pavan). Among the most interesting authors we find the artistic collective Associazione Mammaiuto, whose works are first serialized, free of charge on their website; later their comics are printed on paper through self-published volumes (monographic or anthological) and sold at comic fairs or on their online shop. For some of these comics, to a second edition (on paper) is added a third edition (always on paper), thanks to the acquisition by national publishing in Italy or abroad. In this paper, we will investigate the potential of intersections between digital and DIY comics, by focusing on Mammaiuto. In particular, the analysis of the methods of production and the identification of esthetics and narrations will help to understand to what extent their works are adaptable to different contexts and formats.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n18p249

Keywords: Webcomics; Digital Comics; DIY Comics; Self-Publishing; Comics Studies; Italian Comics

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