Fanzinismo catódico experimental desde España = Experimental cathodic fanzinism from Spain


In the last decade, small press and self-publishing has undergone an important boom in Spain, mainly around two phenomena: on the one hand, the generalization of the introduction of comics in higher art studies; on the other hand, the appearance of a circuit of festivals and events of self-publishing and smll press. Two forces that have contributed to the appearance of a brilliant generation of young authors who have found in the comic a valid way of expression, far from any previous canon of the comic and without previous baggage in the medium. As opposed to a tradition that was marked by the influence and admiration of the great authors on the past of the medium, this new generation has been influenced by the culture of the audiovisual image, from television series, cinema and, of course, the omnipresent graphic presence in social networks such as Instagram, DevianArt or Pinterest. Despite the fact that most of the creation has been developed on paper, as part of a claim for the organic in rebellion against the digital omnipresence, this work has been also published in social media or online, questioning the limitations between media and taking full advantage of the new options that web publication brings. An example of this fruitful relationship is Tik Tok comics, a website showing the work of young authors in search of new expressive paths, which has evolved into an Instagram channel, Tris Tras, where the dynamics of the social network itself establish new contours of interaction. New experiences that advance in a line of radical experimentation in which we would find Joselito, by Marta Alteri, who hybridizes the medium without concessions.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n18p139

Keywords: audiovisual image; social network; fanzin; fanzinism

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